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pied piper mobile childcare

The Pied Piper Project provides quality mobile childcare to support families and carers in the Liverpool area who are financially and geographically disadvantaged and have difficulty accessing conventional childcare services because of transport availability or financial issues.

Our service provides offers active and flexible learning, social interaction and playtime for children 0-5 years. Our educators are fully trained and qualified and provide age/stage apropriate care. They travel fully equipped with trolleys full of toys, craft, pencils, textas, colour-ins, crayons, playdough and stickers.

warwick farm vacation care

Warwick Farm Vacation Care operates out of Warwick Neighbourhood Centre. We are open in the school holidays from 7.30amto 5.30pm for children aged 5-12 years.

Warwick Farm Vacation Care is run by qualified and dedicated coordinators and educators who fun, recreational, cultural and education based activities in line with the National Quality Framework. 

Our Vacation Care Program includes weekly excursions and incursions as well as craft, sports and cooking activities.

For more information about our Children's Services contact (02) 9600 0600 or

 Warwick Farm Playgroup

Warwick Farm Playgroup