The Rising Collective Pop up Shop

So proud! We launched our Pop Up shop on Wednesday 6th Dec 2017 which is now open at 52 Scott Street, Liverpool. Thank you Jessica Zachary and your team for putting so much work into these projects I know we will make them a success. Thank you Liverpool City Council Australia for this wonderful opportunity to create employment opportunities and Thank you Sydney Community Foundation and funders for the amazing support you give us!

You'll find Tie dye shirts, cushion covers, bags, scarves and coin ...purses as well as one of a kind up cycled vintage clothing, jewellery from Bali and greeting cards.

52 Scott Street, Liverpool 2170
Monday-Friday 9am-4pm


Opening of Pepper's Cafe

So proud! We launched our Cafe on Wednesday 6th Dec 2017, which is now open at the entrance to Liverpool City Library. Thank you Lisa Buchanan and your team for putting so much work into these projects I know we will make them a success. Thank you Liverpool City Council Australia for this wonderful opportunity to create employment opportunities and Thank you Sydney Community Foundation and all the funders who have helped us with scholarships.

Business Incubator Course

Hi Everyone,


The Business Incubator is starting its second intake for the year, this October! I would like to invite all those who are interested in taking part to come along to our info day next Monday on the 18th of September at 1pm, here at LNC. Feel free to send the attached flyer to those you think would benefit from this program.


Participants will:

-      Learn to write a business plan

-      Register for an ABN

-      Find a business name and create a logo

-      Learn basic marketing

-      Learn how to pitch their idea

-      Have professionals sharing on various topics

-      Receive a $500 start-up grant


Call LNC on (02) 9600 0600 or email me at for more info and to let me know if you will be attending next week’s info session.

See you soon!

Christine Luttrell Award

We were pleased to award Nicole Hailes the 2017 Christine Luttrell Education Scholarship for her diligence in her studies and participation in our Tafe courses and Business Incubator program.  The award was presented by Alana Teaupa, Christine’s daughter.  We know Nicole will do Christine proud as Tori Wright has done, the previous winner of this award. Well Done Nicole

Sad News

On Monday the 8th May 2017, All of us at Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections were saddened to hear of the passing of our Wonderful Rebeccalyn Johan,.Rebecca had been involved with the centre for the past 15 years, in our Playgroup, Women's Group, Business Incubator and worked with us teaching disabled and disadvantage women how to make there own jewellery. We will miss her smiling face around the community. Our thought, Love and prays go out to her Husband, 3 boys and her extended family and friends.

Basketball Clinic 14/02/2017 Abel Dunn Court, Warwick Farm

On Wednesday 12/04/2017 Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections and Charity Bounce came together to run a Basketball Clinic at the new Abel Dunn Basketball Court at Warwick Farm, the day was a great success with 29 kids from all over the Liverpool area attending. The kids all had a fabulous day being inspired, learning how to play the game and enjoyed a healthly lunch provided by Peppers Place. All the kids received a free T-Shirt, hat, drink bottle and basketball. A huge thank you to Josh & Josh from Charity Bounce for their great skills in mentoring the kids of our community. Thank you to Liverpool City Council for there support.

Hamper Of Hope

LNC Business Incubator Hamper of Hope Hampers are coming together nicely, and the first lot are ready for delivery. its not to late to place an order so If anyone is looking for a unique Christmas gift than order a Hamper of hope, $90.00 if picked up from LNC (11 Gallop Street, Warwick Farm NSW 2170 or $99.00 if delivered. Please call (02) 9600 0600 to place your order

Hamper of Hope

Looking for a special gift for clients or a dear family member or friend? Want to make a difference this Christmas? Why not choose a Hamper of Hope. The products are mostly handcrafted with amazing stories behind each women who made items for the Hamper, and who are turning their lives around through starting their own business. Supported by Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections (LNC), this hamper helps cover their costs, empowers the women and proves that they can be successful commercially. Totally not for profit. Hampers are $90.00 if picked-up from LNC (11 Gallop Street Warwick Farm NSW 2170) or $99.00 including delivery. Please call (02) 9600 0600 during business hours to place your order.

For the past three years, Sydney Community Foundation (SCF) has facilitated funding for a business incubator program for women at Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections (LNC) located in one of Sydney's most disadvantaged suburbs - Warwick Farm. The incubator program helps struggling women start a business and become financially independent.

From the day the women walk into this program, they embark on a journey of self-fulfilment. This journey often involves twists and turns, failed ideas, and sometimes difficulty in moving anything forward due to personal reasons. However, all of these hurdles are overcome with the strong support offered by the incubator manager and the other women who are in this journey together.

The Christmas Hamper (Hamper of Hope) is one of the most ambitious projects of creating a unique product on a larger scale using the skills of the women in the incubator program. Following are the stories of these amazing women who have packed up their dreams in this Hamper of Hope.

MAKI RIVEROS: Graphic Designer and paper goods      (Design Invaders)

Maki came as a migrant from Chile as a child. Although her passion was always in art, her parents wanted her to pursue a 'safe' career in teaching. For years her natural talent in designing was ignored but not forgotten. A time when rebellious Maki left her secure teaching job and enrolled in a college to learn graphic design. The important reason for her to join the LNC incubator program was to gain self-belief. The program gave her hope that she can be independent and run her own business, instead of working for someone else. Maki has been helping other women in the program with logo design. She says that developing her dream product through this incubator program was a huge self-confidence boost, and the process has been fun too!

MONIQUE MIKAERE: Remedial massage and aromatherapy products        (All Y.E.S Balms)

Monique is originally from the "land of the long white cloud" - Aotearoa, New Zealand Since 2010, she has battling with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of being a victim of a violent crime, which has now made her hyper vigilant regarding her own safety and safety of her family. The trauma affected her health and social/work/life balance. During this turbulent phase, she found hope in LNC where she began her journey of acquiring skills and knowledge, and leading her life with confidence through financial independence. After completing a Diploma in Beauty through a funded course with the help of LNC, she decided to start her own business through the business incubator program. Massage therapy is a highly competitive business and often income is not steady. Monique needed a niche product that is easy to sell and that would create steady cash flow. During brainstorming in our product development workshop, the idea of developing a signature in aromatherapy oils to create this unique product. Her hard work, sincerity and dedication to uplift her family are truly inspiring.

SHY LEOLAHI: Food Platters and health and beauty products.             (MARCO AVE)

Shy is a beautiful young lady who lives in Warwick Farm with her husband and young son. On the first day of our incubator program her eyes twinkled with the thought of having a chance of starting her dream business. Shy has been famous among her friends and community for creating beautiful and elegant food platters. However, during the business and product development workshops, Shy realised that to create a buzz in the market and to generate quick cash flow, she needed to come up with a non-perishable food based product. That's when the idea of shy's special protein balls, granolas and coffee scrub came to life. By putting in that extra time, precision and adding tasteful elegance to her product, shy has won many fans for her products and was invited to attend the Commonwealth Bank - Women in Focus conference in Noosa this year, where her products were warmly received and confirmed that she is on the right track since starting her business journey at LNC.

TIGI DANKAY DARAMY: Tie Dyeing           (Tigi Gara Dying)

Tigi is a traditional Gara Dyer originally from Sierra Leone. Tigi came to Australia in 2001 with her children, as a refugee after the civil war had broken out in her country and she had lost her husband. In the initial days in Australia Tigi felt safe and happy with her family, however, her heart was longing for the colours, the beautiful Gara fabric and the art of dyeing. Tigi is a courageous lady who doesn't know the term 'giving up'. She started looking for the local dyes and materials that she could use to continue her traditional art of dyeing. After joining the LNC business incubator program, Tigi learnt about Australian business and product standards, receiving funding to kick-start her business and also was offered a working space to start her business. This is the third year of her business, during which she has created a great network of friends and supporters and is selling her beautiful products in Australian markets, galleries and online shops. A leader in every sense, Tigi now feels fulfilled in Australia as she continues the long tradition from her country of women passing down the Gara Dyeing technique through generations.

Hamper of Hope

Hamper of Hope

Hamper of Hope

Hamper of Hope

Hamper of Hope

Hamper of Hope

Hamper of Hope

Dear Customer

this Christmas we are delighted to present you with the Hamper of Hope. through your purchase, you have not only received an amazing gift, but you have helped to enrich the lives of some very special women.

the women in the business incubator program have worked tirelessly for the past 4 months to create the bespoke products for this unique hamper.

the products complement each other, but it is the story behind them, the struggle of these women, their spirit, resilience and tenacity to overcome adversity that makes this hamper very special.

for the past 3 years, Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections (LNC), has provided disadvantaged women access to a unique business incubator program. the program provides training and coaching on how to start a micro business but importantly, provides guidance and support as the women of Liverpool and Warwick Farm learn to create their own sustainable businesses and move towards financial independence.

we would like to acknowledge the generosity of our partners and donors such as Sydney Community Foundation, Commonwealth Bank - Women in Focus, Ebay, Dermalogica and Glasshouse Fragrances, who have either donated funding time, networking opportunities or the gift of beautiful products to complete the hamper.

last but not least, a very special thank you to all the women who contributed to this hamper. They have made us proud and have enriched us with their stories.


Cost is $90.00 if picked-up from LNC (11 Gallop Street Warwick Farm NSW 2170) or $99.00 including delivery.  Please call (02) 9600 0600 to place your order.