place-based philanthropy

‘Place-based philanthropy’ is social investment into a geographic area. This location-focused giving seeks to bring together resources needed by the community to support the changes they wish to achieve.

This program delivers change by bringing together partners to give to, and work with, our local community and its grassroots service providers in a new, creative, and effective way. The outcomes are growth in self-esteem and confidence for individuals, capacity building for people one-by-one and for the organisations that help them.

Initiated with funding from Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation through a grant made in March 2013, Sydney Community Foundation was then able to secure a challenge grant of $500,000 from the NSW Department of Family and Community Services in 2013. Sydney Community Foundation quickly matched the grant by drawing together philanthropic partners eager to collaborate.

Following is a list of projects carried out as a result of the Place-based Funding project in Warwick Farm and Heckenberg.

  • Strive

  • Business Incubator

  • Pepper's Place Cafe, Pepper's Coffee to Go and Pepper’s School Canteen

  • Greener Cleaner Lawn Mowing and Cleaning

  • Dermalogica

  • Bounce Basketball Project

  • The Clothes Box

  • Thrive

  • Doorways to the Future

  • Dinner in a Bag

  • Pop up shop - Business Incubator products sold

I believe the partnership we have formed with the Sydney Community Foundation and their donors has brought about enormous change in the community, it has empowered women, fostered community engagement and created community leaders.
— Pat Hall, Manager, Liverpool Neighbourhood Connections