Shaazam is a 10 week program in Warwick Farm Public School for year 6 girls. LNC works with police along with other facilitators to prepare the young girls for high school. Once they are in high school they are invited to join the after-school high school program Strive.


Strive is a girls group that provides living skills, education and social skills to young women from Year 7 to Year 10 which is funded by Narellan Pools.

At the Strive Girl's Space program young women are encouraged and empowered to make positive life choices, stay engaged with education and gain a vision for a different future. Since 2013, friendships have been formed, and skills developed.

Program activities include:

  • Mental health/self-esteem workshop

  • Fundraising for charities such as Westmead Children’s Hospital, refugees, homeless women (share the dignity)

  • Cooking and crafts

  • Making a body scrub to sell

  • Excursions such as escape room, Easter show, cinemas and the city for a fashion photo shoot

Over 100 girls have now taken part in this program.

For more information contact Jess Zahkary on 9600 0600 or email

I believe Strive is a really good learning opportunity. I have learnt a lot and I have enjoyed every week. What I enjoy the most is that it is only girls; we can have fun, talk about anything and don’t have to worry about boys or anything. I am glad this group was developed and that all of us have the opportunity to come.
— Participant, Strive Program