westSide youth project

Westside Youth Project is situated in the Frank Oliveri Hall, 1 Tantangara, Street, Heckenberg and runs skills-based programs for young people aged between 12 and 18 years of age.

Health & fitness

Twice a week Westside runs health and fitness workshops where young people engage in discussions about helathy food options and the benefits for their bodies and their minds. Also on offer are a wide range of fitness activities for home and school including body weight training, team activities like dodge ball and handball, and dance activities like Zumba classes.

Homework help

Young people are assisted with homework and assignments on a daily basis and Westside volunteeers spend their afternoons helping students with their school work.

Cooking classes

Every Wednesday, Westside holds cooking classes where young people are given a budget and a shopping list to go out and purchase what is needed for their menu which includes different foods of their choice like curries, stir frys, cakes and more.

breakfast club

Each Tuesday and Thursday morning, Westside runs a free Breakfast Club. During these mornings Westside also offers information and referrals for local services and help our young people in their job searches.

Touch Football tournament

Westside runs a touch football tournament in school holidays and partners with SWYPE, The Hub (miller), YOTS, Green Valley Police and SWSRAC to fund and run the event. It is held at the Hornets Field behind Green Valley shops.